Tips for Summer-End Car Maintenance

A car is among the most important and costly assets most people have, besides their homes and having good health. As such, it is commendable to ensure keeping it in top performance shape at all times. You can carry out a number of essential checks to ensure this fact. Car services in Brisbane usually perform these actions as part of routine servicing of vehicles, as an example.

Oil Changes and Quality

High temperatures, increased number of drivers as well as quality of summer gasoline could lead to quick expiry of engine oil. This makes summer-end a crucial time for changing the oil and inspecting its quality. It is nonetheless vital to first leave the car long enough for the engine to cool off completely, before checking the oil. Good-quality oil needs to be smooth and clean as opposed to being gritty, which car services in Brisbane can ensure on your behalf.


You need to check your tires constantly for worn-down or uneven treads, but this inspection becomes vital especially in-between seasons. The heat of summer can corrode and even wear down your car tires, leading to difficult driving during cold seasons. The sun could deflate the tires, which could be a driving hazard in itself. Maintaining your car tires at the appropriate pressure offers the best fuel economy, provides car stability and gives good traction while on the road.

 Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades tend to require replacement after some time, especially due to shifting patterns of weather. This necessitates quality checks for car wipers, which involve looking for cracks, among other pointers of deterioration. You can possibly tell that the wipers require replacement if they are not cleaning your windshield the way they once did. It is important to assess the damage they could get due to effects of extreme cold, even if none of these signs is present.

 Coolant System

The coolant which circulates in the engine of a vehicle is charged with keeping it working well in spite of external changes in temperature. Conversely, the radiator plays the role of keeping the vehicle’s systems at constant temperature. Cracks or leaks within the cooling system could occasion coolant loss. Overheating of the engine or transmission can also result in appreciable damage to the vehicle, necessitating costly repairs.

Excessive amount of heat may evaporate the coolant, leading to quicker than normal loss of fluid. End of summer is possibly the best time for having the engine coolant inspected and perhaps even flushed.

 Fuel System

Increased driving and summer heat can end up damaging the fuel system of a vehicle too. The quality of gas can fluctuate during summer months as demand for fuel increases. Making use of poor-quality gas for multiple months can affect fuel systems negatively.

A lot of fuel-cleansing products are available at local auto parts stores. However, it is advisable for Brisbane drivers to schedule car maintenance with reliable car services in Brisbane to have their fuel systems flushed completely.

You could check out perhaps and schedule for a proficient, complete assessment of maintenance needs for your vehicle, whatever its make.

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