Matching Wedding Car to Your Wedding Style

The choice of wedding car is often put last in the priority list when it comes to wedding planning. However, you need to give enough thought into choosing Adelaide wedding cars that offer luxury, comfort and reliability. The comfort of the newlyweds is of importance so you can be easily carried on from the venue of wedding ceremony to the reception. But the choice is far more complex than it seems. Some would choose based on budget, while others pick their wedding cars based on personal preference. Expert wedding planners, however, insist that you choose based on what matches your chosen wedding style.

The usual choice of limousine is popular with modern wedding themes. Meanwhile, a vintage wedding car is best suited if you have a classic or traditional wedding theme. Your choice of ride can also offer a dramatic entrance to the reception. Your options can therefore vary depending on the theme and it invites you to look beyond your usual options because there are lots to choose from.

There are four major categories with which to choose from in hiring Adelaide wedding cars that offer luxury, comfort and reliability. These four categories are: 1) vintage, 2) classic, 3) modern classic, and 4) modern.

A vintage wedding car comprises makes and models made around the 1910-1930s. Meanwhile, classic car models range from the 1940s to the 1970s. Most of these car models are no longer in production but remain to be quite popular in the market, especially in the wedding car hire scene. If you want the modern classics, expect to get iconic car models to transport you on your wedding day. These models are considered modern classics because they remain significant in the car industry despite that most of them are no longer in production today. And finally, modern cars like BMW, Bentley, or Mercedes are also available for those who want to ride in style and opulent luxury.

Now that you understand the different wedding car options, you need to look at your style and your wedding style. Which of these cars represent your theme best? If you have a vintage or rustic chic wedding, make sure you choose from those in the classics to modern classics selection. But if you have a modern themed wedding, luxury limousines offer the best ride so you can take your whole entourage with you as well. Some engaged couples even choose to hire a model of car that is created on the year they were born. If you want something that is a bit sentimental, then you can also try this option.

If you are not sure about what type of wedding car would complement your wedding style, make sure to ask for recommendations from your event stylist. Or, you can also get recommendations from wedding car hire companies. They are the ones who know best about different wedding cars and can certainly make the right recommendation for you.