Your Buying Guide For A Wheelchair Vehicle

A lot of vehicles like Volkswagen Morelife and Caddy Goodlife have actually been converted to wheelchair access cars. Some of these wheelchair cars have been developed after luxury cars like the Ford Tourneo Connect. This is to ensure that disabled persons are able to ride in comfort. There are lots of innovations that have come in making sure that every wheelchair car is beautiful and easy to make use of.  The comfort features and unique safety devices that have been installed in these cars are amazing.  WAV is commonly referred to as Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. These are cars that have been designed to accommodate people making use of wheelchairs.

There is no need leaving the wheelchairs behind while traveling because they can now be used inside cars. A wheelchair accessible car for sale can be in any design, shape and size and designed to make travelling fun and safe. There are features that every wheelchair car should have, like:

  • A built-in lifts or ramps
  • Ease of access from the car’s back or side.
  • A raised roof or lowered floor that would allow good headroom.
  • Restraints that would keep the wheelchair in position.

There are three different sizes for these cars.

  1. The small cars

These types of cars would make use of ramps instead of a lift. The ramp is what helps the passenger have full access to the car. There is a rear seat and it can accommodate four other passengers apart from the wheelchair passenger.

  1. The medium cars

These are wheelchair cars that can be used for transporting equipment and passengers too.

  1. The large cars

Cars with wheelchair access can be large to support a large number of persons and a large wheelchair that may not be contained in smaller cars.

You can check for the comfort of a passenger before making your purchase.  The wheelchair is expected to be on a level floor and placed centrally inside the car. This is what would make a ride to be smoother accompanied with a great ergonomic seating position. When a wheelchair is perfectly positioned this way, communication is enhanced between passengers and driver.

The safety of a disabled person should be the number one factor to consider before getting wheelchair access cars. The car that you should purchase must have passed accreditations such as the PAS-2012 and European Type Approval.  This ensures that your car is going to stand the test of time. A car that is not approved by these bodies may not be the right one for you. This is why you should take time in doing a little research before buying a car.

Wheelchair cars are expected to be expertly engineered.  They are expected to blend with other cars on the road seamlessly. This is what you can get from wheelchair access cars manufacturers like Brotherwood Automobility Limited. This is a car company that has been in existence since 1985, developing wheelchair cars for people. The company converts cars to motability cars too. You can make your order of wheelchair cars from this type of experienced and skilled company.

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