An Audi Quality Service For An Audi Quality Car

The modern car market is highly competitive. Yes, Japan has a number of very good quality brands and the US holds its own. There is still large-scale car production left in Europe, and, in particular, Germany. The Germans are able to do this because there has always been an emphasis on attention to detail and engineering excellence. BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, and Volkswagen are all very much part of this German tradition. Looking at Audi in particular, they have been at the forefront of engine development. This now extends to the increasing use of electronic and microprocessor technology. Running your Audi in for a quick service, on the brakes, engine and suspension will be a waste of time and money. Any service will have to be more thorough and match the same level of sophistication of a modern Audi. This service is available from a provider like the Audi servicing specialist in Sydney by BWA.

Services on Offer

To outline what services can be provided by Audi Servicing Specialist in Sydney by BWA.


Second Hand Vehicles

If you are looking to purchase any used German luxury car, such as an Audi, a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection can be given to any imported vehicle. This includes a thorough mechanical, structural, inspection. Close attention will be given to any previous repair work to see if that is up to standard. Paint and body work is looked at closely. Another important part of a modern Audi are the electronic systems. The car’s electronic control unit can be checked for fault codes.

Warranty Expiry Inspections

If a newly purchased vehicle is coming to the end of its warranty period then it would make sense to do a comprehensive service check. This will be reported back and written out. Any problems still covered under the warranty can then be attended to.

Pink Slip – Rego Inspections

Under current Australian legislation, all cars over three years old need a safety inspection in order to renew their registration. Please note, Audi servicing specialist in Sydney by BWA are an Authorized Inspection Station (AIS) who can supply the “pink slip”, stating a vehicle is safe to drive.

Log Book Servicing

Under new Australian (ACCC) legislation, a new car owner can choose who can repair and service a new car. Each log book inspection and service is fully warranty compliant with all Audi makes and models. Approved parts and lubricants are used for each service. This will meet the manufacturer’s requirement and will not void the warranty.

Air Conditioning

An important feature in any modern vehicle especially in hot weather conditions is the AC. BMW Auto are registered to the (ARC) Australian Refrigerant Council as a licensed workshop in car air conditioning.

This service covers re-gassing, major repairs and a full compressor overhaul along with leak detection.

Mechanical Repairs

Full checks and any necessary repairs can be made on the brake and clutch, engine transmission, fuel injection and steering and suspension.

To look finally at fuel injection. In a modern Audi, this is a very sophisticated system. There is the constant need to reduce emissions but also improve performance. BMW Auto can use a 4WD Maha chassis dynamometer that has scanning equipment to give a full diagnostic of the overall petrol or diesel fuel systems.


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